LimeHub set to support SAP channel marketing efforts across ANZ

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iche B2B technology marketing agency LimeHub has become one of only eight approved Marketing Services Bureau providers across ANZ, as SAP increases its focus on digital marketing to effectively reach its audience.

“When I started LimeHub I was committed to two things – the first was to always innovate and the second was to practice what we preach. Our innovation focus has seen us develop a unique strategic marketing application which leverages AI and machine learning to help businesses improve their marketing at a lower cost. In terms of practicing what we preach, if there’s a marketing technique that we wouldn’t invest in for our B2B business, then we couldn’t in good conscience recommend it for others – regardless of margins or profitability. This means that we invested heavily in research, and learning and development from the get-go to ensure we become the most trusted and valuable B2B marketing agency available in the regions we service” writes LimeHub CEO, Raine Gaisford.

Through LimeHub’s own highly successful content marketing campaign in mid-2019 targeting prospective technology clients in Australia, SAP emerged as a qualified inbound lead. Having experienced content marketing at its best, SAP invited LimeHub to run a pilot campaign across New Zealand for SMB product SAP Business One. Within 20 days, LimeHub had generated over 40 qualified inbound leads for SAP partners across New Zealand, and LimeHub was subsequently invited to apply to become an approved supplier as part of the SAP Marketing Service Bureau program.

Following the success of the campaign in New Zealand, Ananda Kumar, Head of Channel Sales for SAP Business One and Business ByDesign wrote:

“The LimeHub team are amazing, creative and out of the box thinkers. They have a great deal of experience with co-marketing within the technology sector and in various markets within the A/NZ and Oceania region. They are creative strategists and a pleasure to work with.”

LimeHub has become one of only eight Marketing Service Bureau agencies servicing the ANZ region and is thrilled to be part of the support team for the SAP partner ecosystem.


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