Design Thinking


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Design Thinking


Design Thinking

Design thinking is a powerful methodology that can be applied to create solutions for almost anything.

Before crafting the perfect solution, let's ensure it's the right one. Dive deep into user research and get to know their needs through understanding and empathy.

Building the Foundations First

Start with the solution owner and identify the strategic goal to drive the direction of the outcome.

Combining the solution objectives with tailored design principles like scalability and accessibility as cornerstones for your roadmap and staying true to the mission.

Your Guiding Star

A North Star is a central guiding statement that is crafted and clearly articulated to define what to achieve, when, and why. The what is tied back to user research while the why is tied back to the strategic objectives.

One you’ve nailed it down it ‘s time to dream big.

Boundless Brainstorming

Think of the most creative ways you can deliver your North star. Allow yourself to think way, way, WAY, outside of the box here. Break the constraints of normal thinking to uncover innovative ideas and fresh approaches to design dilemmas.

“If you could do anything, how would you approach your problem?“

Fine-tuning with the Double Diamond

After divergent and creative thinking, it’s time to overlay real-world limits and refine those imaginative ideas.
Consider constraints like time, resources, technology, regulation, brand, and reputation in the delivery of your solution

You might be amazed by what's feasible!

Detail & Decide

Deep dive into each idea and assess capabilities, costs, risks, and user experience needed to implement the solutions effectively.

Put yourself in the shoes of your users and think about how each solution might cause them any discomfort or inconvenience.

Lastly, use your design principles as a final filter to evaluate and help you choose the best solution to take forward into the prototype design.

Prototype & Perfect

Armed with all this information, it is now time to craft a prototype solution. You don’t need to get it right the first time – this is an iterative process!

Develop a solution as best you can, then test it, evaluate it, and optimize it for delivery.

And… Repeat!

Stay vigilant. Constantly test, tweak, and transform your product to ensure continued user engagement and continuous improvement.

Evolution never ends!

How can LimeHub help?

We at LimeHub believe the design thinking process is paramount to unveiling customer needs and allowing us to delight our clients.

Our foundation for client success and project mastery lies in our core Pillars of Design: Research, Human-centric design, Transparency, Visual communication.

This is how we help you achieve your project goals.

Helping You Along Your Design Journey

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