Level Up: Your Strategy to Sustainable Marketing-Driven Growth

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"Wow! This book is just brilliant if you want to really be strategic with your marketing to get amazing results. Raine has shared the secrets she has learned in her career and provides the framework and a workbook so you can plan, and document your journey to greatness."
Founder, Handle Your Own PR and She's The Boss
"I wish I had this book 12 months ago as I feel have been muddling through trying to make sense of what we know and what we don’t know.  It is the perfect formula and process.  When I employ our first Marketing Manager I am going to give her that and say ‘Welcome to your job description!’
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Founder & CEO, Hearsay
I LOVE this book. It is practical, real and provides great instructions on implementing an effective strategy.
Senior Commercialisation Strategist, Impact Innovation
I really enjoyed how the author broke down marketing into a simple step by step process that you can follow to grow your business. The tools and strategies in this book are practical, measurable and effective.
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Put simply, a good marketing strategy helps organisations achieve their objectives from the right amount of effort and financial investment. Conversely, marketing without a strategy results in wasted investments and generally disappointing results. The purpose of this book is to provide a good — nay, great! — marketing strategy to help you achieve your organisational objectives. 

Level Up is where marketing theory and business reality meet to take organisations from sales-driven to proactive demand-driven marketing machines over a 12-month program.

While marketing is complex, it need not be complicated
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