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Optimise Your Video Format to fit its purpose

As fantastic as the use of video is, it’s also essential to ensure that your videos are optimised for the platform and intended audience.

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Mia de Rauch

How to Customise & Optimise Social Media Automation Scheduling

In this article, we go through some basic areas to cover to ensure your social media schedule is customised for each social channel including image dimensions, hashtags, and automation platforms.

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The Return on Investment on LinkedIn B2B Advertising

For B2B marketers, delivering high-quality leads is essential for job performance. Demonstrating a direct and positive return on investment, however, means that B2B marketers will benefit from higher budgets, more authority, and faster approval processes.

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The Simple Guide to B2B Marketing Automation

Contrary to popular belief, marketing automation can be both simple and inexpensive. Even small or heavily sales-driven (versus marketing-driven) organisations can create a seamless digital program that fully integrates across multiple systems for a fraction of the cost of enterprise automation platforms.

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The Power of Social Proof in Marketing

Understanding psychology and techniques of persuasion allows us to influence the behaviour of our customers and prospects, and if done correctly, to improve marketing results and revenue.

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Is Facebook Marketing Suitable for B2B Companies?

This article covers why and how Facebook should be used by B2B companies to get the most impactful marketing results.

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