How many touchpoints turns a prospect into a customer?

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f you aren’t new to marketing, then you will most likely have come across The Rule of Seven. This notion suggests that a prospective client must see your brand and message seven times before they will consider buying from you. While this isn’t a guarantee since many factors can affect this number, the point of the concept is to highlight the need for repetition, consistency and taking an omnichannel approach.

Single-source advertising doesn’t work.

We live in a world of information-chaos. The first few times a person sees your advert or content, they might not even register. Many of us have become resistant to advertising and will automatically gloss over them initially. This means that not only do you have to show adverts repetitively and give them ample time to cut through, but you also need your ads to pop up to the same audience across multiple platforms.

You need a brand which is easily recognisable.

There would be no point showing your audience ads, content or messaging across multiple platforms if they weren’t easily recognisable. This means that you need to have consistency across your brand. A brand isn’t just about visuals though – it encompasses the personality of a brand. It spans colours, fonts, messaging, writing style, archetypes, perceptions of price, quality, services, etc. etc.

Consistency, therefore, can become quite complex. For example, if your brand archetype is The Rebel, but you use two writers – one who writes in a rebellious way and one which writes in a formal corporate way, then your brand will lack consistency and impact.

In summary, if you want to cut through to your audience and turn prospects into customers, you need to take an omnichannel approach, you need to run campaigns for long enough so that your audience has a chance to notice you (at least seven times!), and your brand needs to be recognisable and consistent.


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