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About Project

A bold new and innovative software application needs an equally noteworthy design and seamless user experience. Working closely alongside the SieMo development and product team, our designers helped put a face to a name.

Live Project

The Remit

SiEmO is a pre-launch, AI-driven strategic marketing software application. During development, it was imperative for the SiEmO team to test the software and it's features without having to complete it. It was a bit of a chicken and egg situation because they didn't want to spend months (or even years) finishing the full application only to end up with a product that no-one wanted. Since it's a new concept and one which the team could describe as "similar to" something else, it was hard to pitch the concept accurately.

SiEmO needed a user interface design which aligned with the brand and was user-friendly. This UI would then be used as the interface for the product once completed.

Key Considerations

Having not seen the tool - because it wasn't yet built - we had to be both creative and strategic. We had no data and no concrete insights into the product/market fit so clear communication was vital to success.

The Solution

UI is part of UX - an interface will only be successful if it has been created for the pleasure of a users experience. That meant that we had to start with the user (or in this case, the anticipated user) and more specifically, the problem that SiEmO was going to be solving. As part of this process, we mapped the full customer journey.

Next, we ran a brand and identity exercise to ensure that the graphic design elements communicated the brand accurately.

While alternative or similar solutions were limited, we researched as many alternatives as possible including testing the ease of functionality and the different value propositions to ensure that we improved upon as many alternatives as possible.

Finally, we wire-framed the UI and tested it within the anticipated market to refine the experience, highlight key differentiators and also to help with the product roadmap.

Check out the Live Project Link to the SiEmO website to see the designs in action.

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