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At LimeHub, we are transforming the way brands are developed and managed.

Navigate the vast expanse of branding with pinpoint accuracy using Brander.

Powered by our innovative BrandID survey, Brander delves deep into the essence of your brand, capturing insights from diverse perspectives to shape a holistic view.

Our intuitive dashboard unveils your brand's unique archetype, resonant colour schemes, shape dynamics, and market positioning — all crafted from real stakeholder data.

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Brand Governance for Strategic, Brand-led Organisations.

Brand Development

Brander is built using a research-backed brand development framework that leverages data to build a strategic brand profile including suitable archetypes, colour schemes, shapes, market positioning and more.

Collect key stakeholder data using our BrandID and visualise the results in an intuitive dashboard.

Strategic Analysis

An effective brand strategy can only be measured by its impact on customers.

Collect critical customer data through regular surveys to see f your brand strategy is successful, and to identify what strategic levers you can pull to influence market sentiment and satisfaction.


Keep all of your brand assets - from logo variations through to document templates stored in the Brand Vault to ensure your brand is accurately and consistently represented.

Provide guidance to the usage of your Brand Identity by sharing your Digital Design Guide with internal and external creative developers.

Strategic Brand Governance Software

Why Choose Brander

Brander can be used by any organisation looking to transform their marketing into a brand-led, data-backed, strategic powerhouse.


Professional brand development is often unaffordable for startups as investment priorities and pricing strategies are often still focussed on survival.

But without a clear brand strategy, often other investments are wasted which is why Brander is a vital tool for entrepreneurs.


A rebrand or brand refresh can become a black hole of complexity when there are multiple stakeholders with differences of opinion when it comes to the direction and governance of a brand.

Brander takes out opinion and replaces it with a scientific and data-driven methodology to make the process simple.


New programs require branding that effectively communicates the purpose and value of the public investment which can come under heavy scrutiny.

Brander saves tax-payers money by reducing the cost of brand development while ensuring that the branding is 100% accurate.

asked questions

What is brand development vs. branding?

Brand development is a strategic approach to framing the perception of a company (or product) to the market. It forms the foundations of a marketing strategy including market positioning, style, tone, promotions, etc.

Branding on the other hand is the visual representation of the brand and should be informed by the brand strategy - including colour and shape theory.

Does Brander create logos?

Brander creates brand profiles like the example image shown above, not logos. Brand profiles should be used as part of the creative process of branding or rebranding. Our designers at LimeHub will be able to help bring your brand's identity (branding) to life.

What is a brand archetype?

Psychologist Carl Jung first coined the term "archetype" in the early 20th century. According to Jung, humans tend to use symbolism to understand their world and identified 12 of the most powerful representative identities (archetypes). In marketing, we use archetypes to create a deeper connection with our audience which helps persuade them to buy our products or services.

The 12 brand archetypes are: The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage.

Find out which archetype is best suited to your business by using Brander.

Why does the shape of my logo or font matter?

Subconsciously, we draw conclusions from shapes. Circles tend to project a positive emotional message like the unity of communities or relationships. Squares or triangles on the other hand project a stable and structured message.

When combined with colour theory, it can have a powerful impact on what is visually communicated to the audience.

Why does colour matter?

Like shape theory, we make subconscious assumptions based on colour. Red can be powerful or dangerous, blue can be tranquil or trustworthy. Colours have meaning in our everyday lives - red means stop, yellow means slow, and green means go!

Choosing the right colour in your branding will help your audience to make the right assumptions about your business.

What is the value of brand development?

A strong brand helps consumers (including business decision makers in B2B) make purchasing decisions based on the qualities of a business including price, quality, service, innovation, differentiation, and even values.

Conversely, having a weak or inaccurate brand will attract the wrong customers and ultimately impact your bottom line.