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Market testing and lead generation through online advertising

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The Remit

CoaXion is a fintech company who at the time had launched approx. 12-18 months prior to engaging with LimeHub for a full website rebuild. They leverage their vehicle usage tracking software to offer an alterative finance solution to owners of heavy machinery.

Before working with LimeHub they were managing their marketing internally without much success.

Key Considerations

After launching the new CoaXion website, we were keen to achieve a few things. Brand awareness and lead generation were a given, but what was arguably more important was to also test the market, specifically the product/market fit. We chose Google AdWords as the platform of choice as we could target buyers with high intent to purchase finance and then measure their interest in the product and gather valuable data and insight (while also getting a few leads for the sales team).

The Solution

We targeted people searching for heavy machinery finance across the Google Search and Display network to drive traffic to the CoaXion website - specifically to landing pages we had developed strategically to test interest and capture leads.

One one of the landing pages, we developed a finance calculator so that we could monitor the competitiveness of the rates (and how they would affect the page abandonment or lead capture).

Using heatmapping and recording software, we were able to see exactly what website visitors were interested in - and what made them leave.

CoaXion received a number of high value leads however, as an agile and user-centric startup, they also used the data acquired to adapt their solution to improve their competitiveness - arguably a far more valuable outcome.

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