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Consulting company Inclusive Sport Design turns to LimeHub to develop their app minimum viable product.

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Inclusive Sport Design

The Remit

Inclusive Sport Design is a consulting company committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in sports. Many sporting facilities unknowingly limit the accessibility of their premises - from adequate lighting, leading people to potentially feel unsafe walking from the facility to the car park, to wheelchair access. Inclusive Sport Design sought to develop a solution where facilities could audit their premises to identify obstacles to inclusivity and accessibility.

Inclusive Sport Design chose LimeHub, an Adalo Expert, to develop a functional MVP with which they could test in the market and raise capital from.

Key Considerations

User Interfaces need to be designed for the users and be intuitive to use. Having a clear understanding of the users and their motivations was critical to the success of the MVP.

The Solution

We started the project with a virtual workshop with the client where we mapped the target audiences and their user journey's. Once mapped, we wireframed the application to ensure the functionality and the usability was perfectly suited to accommodate every user.

Once the wireframes had been approved, we went on to designing and developing the MVP in Adalo. The benefit of using Adalo meant that we developed a functional application that could be actively used, rather than a prototype.

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