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New companies are at a disadvantage - they have a much shorter brand runway than their more established competitors which is why starting with an impressive shop front (in this case their website) was so important.

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Rede Project Consulting

The Remit

Rede Project Consulting - started by two friends having worked together on and off for a couple of decades - launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than looking at the glass half empty, the Rede team decided to use the time productively and develop both a compelling brand and a compelling website. That way, they would be ready to hit the ground running at a moments notice.

Key Considerations

Project Consulting is very much a relationships-based industry. It's about who you know and the work you've done. For those reasons, the key focus for an effective website is the people, and the projects. Since there were only two, and with no projects of their own under the Rede banner, this made building a website that communicated relationships and expertise hard.

The Solution

Rede needed a temporary site which could be built upon over time and which demonstrated that they were unashamedly new and which communicated their key differentiators.

We started with a Branding and Identity exercise where we developed their brand and designed their branding accordingly. Next, we mapped out the user interface of the website which communicated their brand while also acting as a placeholder - a temporary site if you will. Rede needed a site which had all of the pages and elements that they would eventually use set up, so that as they won and executed work, and as they hired new staff, it would be easy to add to the site over time.

We decided to be upfront about their early stage business and rather than hiding sections - like the team and completed works - we included placeholders. That way, prospects would be forgiving of their lack of content while also being able to anticipate what would be to come.

Rede Project Management Website Design & Development

We built the website in Webflow because it had a an intuitive user interface, it included hosting and security, it didn't require any platform maintenance (unlike platforms like Wordpress which need constant updates) and yet it also had powerful design and animation features without any code. Check out a screen recording of the interaction below:

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