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A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers.

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The Remit

Rede Project Consulting - started by two friends having worked together on and off for a couple of decades - launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than looking at the glass half empty, the Rede team decided to use the time productively and develop both a compelling brand and a compelling website. That way, they would be ready to hit the ground running at a moments notice.

Rede needed branding that reflected their unique brand and differentiation within a saturated market.

Key Considerations

The founders of Rede had found it challenging in the past to agree on a design style. They tried a number of different logo design services prior to engaging with LimeHub without success. Like many, they had differing taste in design but weren't sure how to articulate what they liked and why.

The team at LimeHub are made up of strategists and designers, which means that every brand we help develop has meaning and is designed with the preferences of the key stakeholders front of mind.

The Solution

Everyone has a design preference - including designers - which means that branding, without planning, can often miss the mark. We've developed a unique and propriety software application that removes the often subjective approach taken to design. It helps us build brands that hit the mark which saves our clients time and money. What would often cost up to $30,000 and take weeks to deliver for a brand development project can be done in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost - without sacrificing quality (in some instances even improving upon it).

The founders of Rede completed our online tool together and had a full branding & Identity evaluation and plan in just a couple of days. With all of the information we had gathered - from market positioning, brand differentiation, brand purpose, and style preferences - we began the process of design.....

The Icon

The device within the logo simultaneously represents two things; it shows the stylised coming together of two individuals working hand in hand, communicating connection and collaboration. It also represents a stylised infinity symbol, indicating Rede’s ongoing pursuit of project management excellence and a different way of doing project management.

The Word

The word Rede has been built up from a standard font and stylised to balance out gender neutrality. Sharp corners and hard lines which typically come across as masculine have been balanced with subtle rounding on top left of the ‘R’, within the internals of the both ‘e’ characters and on the top of the ‘d’, to add a degree femininity and increase appeal to all genders.

The Milestone

The ‘full stop’ at the end of the Rede word is created to resemble a project milestone symbol often used in project planning and reporting. Its placement indicates that all of Rede’s managed projects end with the achievement of the ultimate project milestone, which is project success. The use of the Cinnabar colour from the Rede colour pallet is used to draw attention and contrast while avoiding garish use of bold colours.

The Result

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