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An online event needs a compelling website - a perfect job for LimeHub.

Live Project
Recovery Hackathon

The Remit

As an company committed to innovation, when COVID-19 hit and in the earlier months there were fears of an economic collapse, we knew we had to be proactive and do something - anything - to help.

So, we partnered with a bunch of other organisations to host a virtual hackathon to essentially crowdsource ideas that could be commercialised and ideally contribute to economic growth.

Every great online event needs a great website and we knew exactly where to turn (internally!).

Key Considerations

We wanted to create some bold, innovative and functional. The website needed to stand out, clearly articulate the details of the event, capture registrations and EOI in mentor/speaker/volunteer roles, and automate emails. It also needed to be fast and flexible so we could add speakers and events on the fly.

Naturally, we chose Webflow as the platform of choice.

The Solution

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