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About Project

Project Simplify is a WorkSafe Vic funded initiative undertaken by the Opposite aimed at understanding the effects of mental health in the workplace.

Live Project

The Remit

Workplaces have been increasing in complexity, and in the current climate there is more ambiguity than ever before. This impacts on employee stress levels and means their focus is on cutting through complexity rather than engaging with work.

Project Simplify is funded by WorkSafe's WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund and undertaken by Opposite aimed at assisting organisations to simplify work practices by targeting job design and embedding workplace practices designed to optimise mental health and wellbeing.

Opposite approached LimeHub after seeing the high standard of website design and development work we have done in the past. Our objective was to design and develop a website that reflected the purpose of Project Simplify and communicated it's value to key stakeholders.

Key Considerations

The website was to include just three colours - dark grey, white and orange. The design needed to be striking yet align with the topic of mental health and wellness so a balance of dark and light was required while using the orange - a high energy colour - to bring it to life.

The Solution

After consulting with the team at the Opposite, our UX designers wire-framed a layout for the website that would make the content easy to consume. We chose to develop the website using Webflow, a platform we have used for a number of other sites including our own. Webflow offers powerful design capabilities and includes affordable hosting costs which makes it our platform of choice. Once we had approval to use Webflow (over other platforms we also offer development in) we got to work building the site. To keep costs and turnaround time down we skipped the initial design stage which we would normally complete in InDesign or Figma and went straight into development.

The solution was a high-performing, SEO-friendly and UX-optimised website demonstrating the process and the value of Project Simply. It included a single page site with a blog collection (CMS).

Check out the Live Project Link to test drive it yourself.

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