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Website redesign for local beauty salon

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Lash N Tweezers

The Remit

A few years ago, Lash N Tweezers was founded by German optometrist and trained beauty technician, Kat Tarazona. Since it's conception, Kat worked incredibly hard to build the business and it's customer base. By the end of 2019, Kat was so busy that she had moved to a brand new, much larger premises and was looking for staff to help her manage demand. Then in 2020, COVID-19 hit, and Kat had to close her doors.

Not one to waste a crisis, Kat decided it was a great time to relax, reflect, and make improvements to her business. One such improvement was her website.

Key Considerations

The original website was built in Wix and it's booking system was in Fresha - a free salon booking system. Kat was keen to stay with Wix and while she was hesitant to change booking system, she understood our recommendation against sending her website visitors to the Fresha site to book as it was hurting her domain authority and the SEO of her website plus it wasn't ideal for the user experience.

The Solution

Over a period of a few weeks, we got down to work on the user experience and the design of the new website. Rather than editing the original site, we decided to start with a blank canvas and create something beautiful, user friendly and of course, SEO friendly. We upgraded the Lash N Tweezers Wix license to a premium business license which allowed us to incorporate Wix bookings and move away from Fresha. This meant that going forward, all traffic would be retained in the Lash N Tweezers site and would over time improve it's SEO. The Premium license also included email automation and text message notifications for bookings which was the main benefit provided by the Fresha booking system.

Check out an image of the new website, complete with parallax effects, mobile optimisation, online booking, web chat, and Insta feed integration below. The original can be found further down the page for comparison.


New Lash N Tweezers Home Page
New Lash N Tweezers Home Page

New Lash N Tweezers Online Booking
New Lash N Tweezers Online Booking


Old website design for Lash N Tweezers
Old Lash N Tweezers Home Page

Old website design for Lash N Tweezers
Old Lash N Tweezers Bookings Page

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