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How do you create one asset intended to be used for multiple and very different audiences? We accepted the challenge for Juniper Networks to assist them in increasing channel sales.

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Juniper Networks

The Remit

Juniper Networks are leaders in the field of networking. Like most technical leaders, communications can be a bit too technical and focussed on product features rather than the benefits to end-users. Juniper wanted sales collateral which could be used by both channel account managers and their channel partner execs. In other words, they wanted something that their channel reps could use with channel partners and something their channel partners could use with end-users.

As subject-matter experts in the tech sector, LimeHub was the obvious choice for the job.

Key Considerations

The main challenge was finding a delivery method and umbrella messaging which would resonate with both channel partners and their clients - the end-user. The lesser challenge was translating technical information into business-focussed messaging.

The Solution

Over a period of a few weeks, we met with key stakeholders in Juniper Networks and one of their channel partners, Telstra, we researched existing collateral and case studies, and we worked on putting together one large master sales presentation document. The intention of the master was to cover areas of interest for all of the target audiences including channel partners and end users.

Sample of Juniper Networks Master Presentation

Within the sales presentation, we addressed the key benefits for channel partners reselling Juniper solutions so that channel sales reps could more easily onboard channel partners and encourage those partners to deliver Juniper networks solutions to their clients (the end users). We also included slides which covered each of the critical areas in which Juniper Networks differentiates from competitors and which could be used by channel partners when presenting to their clients.

The end result was a multi-purpose document to help increase sales.

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