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Almost every purchasing decision-maker in every country uses the internet on a daily basis.

Many use multiple devices and visit multiple websites for, on average globally, nearly seven hours of their waking day - or a quarter of their lives.

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What is a UX Audit?

UX is short for User Experience. It is synonymous with Experience Design, Human-Centred/Centric Design, and other similar terms to describe creating something - whether it be a website, an application, a park, a mall, a playground, or anything else used by people - with the users at the forefront of the design process.

To ensure that your website or application is maximising conversions, it is important to assess whether it is optimised for the audience. This is what we call a UX audit.

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what's involved

Benefits of a UX Audit

More Conversions

Uncover the areas within your website or app that will improve conversion rates.

Less Barriers

Identify and fix the roadblocks on your website or app for a seamless user experience.

Stronger Brand

Delight your users by providing an intuitive online learning and/or purchasing experience.

Better Insights

Understand your audience better so that you can deliver greater value to them.

what's involved

Our Process


Identifying objectives

We start every audit by understanding what the client wants to get out it. Some clients want to increase conversion rates while others want to keep users returning to or moving through a site or app. Each objective requires a different approach.

User research

Once we understand your objectives, we conduct thorough user research including desk research and customer (or prospective customer) interviews.

Data analysis

We place analysis software on your website or app if none already exist and once there is sufficient data we analyse the key events of the user experience including drop-off points.

Heuristic evaluation

A heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows people to solve problems and make judgments quickly and efficiently. We evaluate whether a site or application is assisting or hindering user judgements.


Based on our research, analysis and evaluation process, we make custom recommendations to help achieve your objectives including, but not limited to, structural or content changes on your website or app, branding, or even pricing.

What Our Clients Think

“As the Founder of two businesses - one established and the other a tech startup - I’ve worked with a lot of agencies and so-called marketing experts but it was only when we started working with LimeHub that I felt confident that we were in good hands. LimeHub exemplifies the term “trusted advisor” by offering – and clearly articulating - expert marketing advice.”
Founder & CEO, Brandhook & Hearsay
"Raine and her team at LimeHub have been amazing.  We have engaged them on two projects, both of which have been professionally executed and we are more than happy with the results.  If you are looking for a Website build or a targeted marketing campaign I highly recommend the team at LimeHub."
Managing Director, DyFlex Solutions
“The LimeHub team are amazing creative and out of the box thinkers. They have a great deal of experience with co-marketing within the technology sector and in various markets within the A/NZ and Oceania region. They are creative strategists and a pleasure to work with.”
Head of SAP Business One and Business ByDesign, SAP
“The LimeHub team was an excellent choice for bringing our app concept to life. The personal approach to customer service was refreshing and they kept the process simple from start to finish. We are really pleased with our investment and won’t hesitate to engage Raine and her team again.”
Founder, Inclusive Sport Design
“LimeHub is a subject matter expert in the technology sector. They are an effective team and provide fantastic support.”
Terry christie
Channel Partner Manager, Aruba Networks
“We had a great experience with the team at LimeHub, and we are really happy with our website. We wanted our site to be quite innovative and so had numerous 'outside the box' requests which they responded to very well. Thanks for all your work.”
Ashleigh Fleming
Head of Experience Design & Delivery, Opposite
“LimeHub are very professional and customer service focused. They provided great value to our business and would more than recommend LimeHub to anyone looking for marketing services”
James brownlie
CTO, TalentVine
"I would highly recommend LimeHub's Brand Builder App to people who need independent advice identifying a new brand identity. It saved us a lot of time and was very helpful in identifying the similarities and differences between each of the co-founders branding ideas and expectations. The online process was clear, concise, easy to use and we had our full brand profile results the next day complete with recommendations on how to present our brand more consistently.”
jeff frampton
Co-Founder, Excise Cloud
"The team at LimeHub were exceptional. Their knowledge around Marketing is excellent and their customer service was faultless from start to finish. I highly recommend LimeHub to other organisations for their marketing needs.”
Matthew boyd
CEO, Vollie
"We've been able to align our strategies and have clear actionable outcomes that will drive our business forward in a customer centric way thanks to LimeHub. Excellent value and I highly recommend the Design Thinking workshop to other businesses.”
bobby garrett
Co-Founder, Excise Cloud
"The team at LimeHub are unrivalled when it comes to quality, innovation and value for money. We engaged them for our brand and website development and we were blown away with their unique approach, excellent service and high quality designers and developers.”
Director, Rede Consulting
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